au dela et au dela

Something good will come from all of this.

i’m not kidding when i say i might have generalized anxiety disorder

a true friend is someone with whom you can semi-spoon on the cold tile floor of a classroom

sometimes i think i’m lucky that people put up with my neurotic bullshit




Now You Know more about Pope Francis! (Source)

Pimpin’ Pope

Someone finally to bring religion out of the dark ages and integrate it with modern society.

What is a religion? It’s people. It’s not a book, or a building, or priests and preachers. It’s the people.

People change. Societies change. Therefore religion must change to keep from denying the development and improvement of societies. But mostly it’s the other way around: societies are supposed to conform to a never-changing set of rules, which may or may not have ever happened.

"Foolish rules of ancient date designed to make us all feel great while we fold spindle and mutilate those unbelievers from a neighboring state."

Pope Francis.

(via nowyoukno)

today at robotics i said “what the fuck” really really loudly in front of mr. rippetoe and he was just like “everything about me is retired except my ears”

bless you good sir

Welcome to Cornell.

Welcome to Cornell.